UI/UX - Sticky Car Ads Platform

Development a platform from scratch and allowing users to meet advertisers.

November, 2022
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This project is an opportunity for every car owner in Cyprus to start getting extra Income Without Changing anything in their lifestyle.

Start of development

The client asked us for help, he needed to create an advertising platform that would allow car owners to take advertising from brands by placing them on their cars in the form of stickers.

We decided to break the development into several stages. The first step was to create a website design. And the second is the creation of the platform itself for accepting applications and processing them.

After studying the request, we began to write a technical document for the client to make sure that what was in his head could be implemented in reality without major changes in the idea.

Development Decomposition

Our work was divided into two main stages. The first is the creation of UIUX and the front-end part of the project; second, the creation of an analytical core and tools for the user to interact with the data generated by the core of the project.

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The Project Core Creation

At this stage, our task was to correctly identify data sources and correctly design a mathematical model.

Ultimately, after studying, we needed to implement the ability to collect and analyze on-chain data, combining it with data from OpenSea.

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After the work done, we put the processed data in a table for the user's comfort. We also added smart navigation by tags, filters and parameter combinations for a more accurate search.


Concluding this mini-review on one of the works of OneSite Agency. I would like to say that the work was worth the effort and time of our team, we will continue to develop this project. We will improve the existing core and add tools for even more accurate analysis.

Daniil Kuklin

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